About Joe Morris, R (S)

Joseph Morris grew up in San Diego, California and lived there until graduating high school. His journey to the Big Island began 28 years ago when he came to the island for a vacation. Joe got off the airplane and headed to Magic Sands Beach in Kona where he was mesmerized by the ocean. After body surfing there all day and watching a beautiful sunset he caught a glimpse of the “Green Flash” and at that moment he knew he was destined to call the island home. With less than $200 in his pocket he tore up his return ticket and pounded the pavement to find a job; which started his career in construction.

Joe’s extensive history within construction included working not only on the Big Island but as well as at Pearl Harbor and Wahiawa for Military housing, Sheraton Hotel in Kauai after Hurricane Iniki, and constructing Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant “Margaritaville” in Oahu. After 25 years in construction and lathing many luxury homes in resorts, Joseph pursued the path of becoming a Property Manager for homeowners. As a property manager it is essential that you have your real estate license; therefore, another chapter began with Joseph’s career.

He became a realtor for Kohala Coast Properties and has had much success, within 2 months sold his first home and is the property manager for the owners. Joe’s motivation comes from his family, a wonderful wife who is a professional Personal Chef, and two amazing son’s. He enjoys playing golf with the family (although they aren’t as good as him), SCUBA diving, fishing, and hiking. Joseph is dedicated to client satisfaction, working hard to accomplish the goals and needs of the client. With all of his life experiences this has enabled him to provide excellent customer service and the intimate knowledge of real estate on the Big Island. His motto is, “be prepared and if you are not 10 minutes early you are 10 minutes late”! Aloha.